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Introduction of the euro in Slovenia
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Changeover timetable

The introduction of the new currency is a project that involves everybody: the state, its economy and citizens. Good preparations at the national and economic level for the adoption of the euro will greatly facilitate the introduction of the new currency. Well-informed consumers can play a key role in ensuring a smooth changeover.

It is important to know the key dates of the euro introduction plan.

Anticipated schedule for
adopting the euro

28 June 2004 ERM II entry On 28 June 2004 Slovenia entered the Exchange Rate Mechanism ERM II. The aim of ERM II entry is to ensure the stability of the SIT/EUR exchange rate in agreement with the competent European institutions.
1 March 2006 Beginning of the dual display of prices Prices of goods and services are designated in tolars as well as euros in line with an act on informative double pricing. In this way consumers should get used to prices in euros. The informative double price tags, which are also designed to help prevent unjustified price hikes and consequently inflation, will be mandatory for 16 months, until the end of June 2007.
15 and 16 June 2006 Start of pre-entry period After the European Commission and European Central Bank published their euro convergence reports for Slovenia in May 2006, the EU summit is expected to vote on admitting Slovenia to the eurozone on 15 and 16 June 2006.
1 January 2007 Introduction of the euro The date of the introduction of the euro in Slovenia.
1 January 2007 - 14 January 2007 Dual circulation period The euro becomes the Slovenian currency, although payments in tolar banknotes and coins will still be possible.
1 January 2007 - 1 March 2007 Cash changeover at banks without commission After this period it will be possible to exchange tolar banknotes at the Bank of Slovenia without a time limit and free of charge, while the exchange of tolar coins will be possible until the end of 2016; all deposit money including money in transaction accounts will be automatically converted into euros on 1 January 2007.