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Successful adoption of the euro in Slovenia

Slovenia's changeover to the euro - a clear success

Slovenia's changeover to the euro - a clear success
Photo: Uroš Hocevar

The changeover to the euro in Slovenia was swift and smooth and although the price of some goods and services increased, overall inflation has remained broadly stable, says the Commision's report on the changeover in Slovenia that was issued four months after Slovenia became the 13th member of the euro area. For the other countries waiting to adopt the euro, the experience shows that the 'Big Bang' approach - i.e. irrevocable locking of the exchange rate and simultaneous introduction of the euro banknotes and coins - works and that a two-week dual circulation period is sufficient provided that the changeover is well and timely prepared. In some aspects, e.g. return of cash, Slovenia even performed better than when the euro cash was introduced in 2002, thereby minimising costs and burdens on businesses.

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Review of the Slovenian changeover to the euro Final Report - by Deloitte Consulting [pdf, 537 Kb]

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Slovene euro coins

Slovenia's changeover to the euro - a clear success
Photo: Primož Lavre

Each of the euro area countries can choose different designs for the reverse sides of the euro coins. The national side of the coin thus indicates the country of issue.

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